Our General Manager Ms. Betül Onat and the Founding Partner of Winwai Mr. Mevlüt Serdar participated in the “Future is Coming” program on 13 September 2018, hosted by Birol Güven.  

In the program, the first 100% local and national Artificial Intelligence Additive RPA Technology product named “Workers” was mentioned.
For watch;

KORA has contributed to Tools ERP Tools, Techniques and Applications ”course which was started at Marmara University, Faculty of Industrial Engineering.

The “ERP Tools, Techniques and Applications ”course given to Marmara University Industrial Engineering Faculty in the fall semester of 2015 was completed with the contribution of KORA Expert Advisors.

The Business world

On 14 November 2015, our General Manager Ms. Betül Onat participated in the Business World program hosted by Vatan Şaşmaz and broadcasted on Atv Europe. For watch program click here.

Spark Day 2015

Participation in our  “SPARK DAY ”event, which was organized on 4 November 2015 under the sponsorship of Kora, was quite high. You can access the presentations of the valuable participants from the links below.

Prof. Dr. Seniye Ümit Oktay Fırat

Oracle Kübra Demirci

Hossein Falaki

While Enhancing Performance and Efficiency Through Implementing Oracle Solutions, Zer Central Services Is Reducing Costs As Well

Thanks to the Project realized jointly by Oracle and Its Business Partner Kora, Zer Central Services BT is reducing Employee Costs by 50% and performing Purchasing Operations 85% faster
· Upon connecting the former order management, cargo, invoicing and financial systems to a versatile software system to ensure utilization of Zer’s available BT investments  in the most convenient manner and integrate the purchasing process, it is switched over from discrete applications, each working only at single, individual departments, to a corporate wide service-focused build-up.
· Data flows and employee operations are transformed into end-to-end work flow through Oracle Business Process Management Suite, and thereby the conclusion procedure of any purchasing transaction is reduced by 85%, decreasing the time required from 2 hours to merely 15 minutes.
· Upon carrying out monthly 20.000 transactions at a pace that is 8 times as fast, high rate of cost savings are provided. Overtime work requirement of the employees is eliminated, and thus time is created to enable the employees focus on determining new suppliers which might replace suppliers with poor performance, improving inventory management and delivery process, and such similar work process improvement initiatives.
· Invoicing cycle is reduced by 80% and total time is decreased from 15 to 3 days, thereby cash flow is improved, faster payment flexibility was allowed to those suppliers desiring to make avail of early payment discounts, thus profitability is enhanced.
· Upon using Oracle Service Bus to integrate software components, and using Oracle BPEL Process Manager to combine similar modules in multi-purchasing flows like service, inventory and logistics, development time of purchasing applications and services is reduced by 60%.
· It is enabled through Oracle Business Rules that both partially technical as well as technical employees  identify operational rules for customer and supplier accounts, support provided by BT Department regarding this function is reduced by 80%.
· Upon reducing time spend for entering and changing manually such service development, software monitoring and exceptions management system software code, cost of BT employees is reduced by 50%.
· Upon using Oracle Business Activity Monitoring, decision making systems are improved upon providing effective real time data distribution amongst discrete work processes and systems such as customer relations management, share movements, accounts receivable and accounts payable.
· Thanks to the proactive alert signals and making each and every purchasing transaction process fully visible, efficiencies of both employees and management alike are enhanced.

Oracle Products and Services

· Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite
· Oracle SOA Suite
· Oracle BPEL Process Manager
· Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
· Oracle Business Rules
· Oracle Service Bus
· Oracle Consulting

Supporting Statements

“Oracle SOA Suite assisted and helped in realizing the purchasing transactions in 15 minutes rather than 2 hours, eliminating overtime work requirements of our employees, upgrading satisfaction of our customers by virtue of instant invoicing and improving our cash flow. Oracle’s solution is much more flexible, faster and more reliable compared to all other solutions we have assessed and evaluated.” – Günhan Bahçe, Integration Project Manager, Zer Central Services

About Zer Central Services

Zer Central Services is the purchasing entity under Koç Group of Companies, the leading industrial enterprise in Turkey in respect of its revenues, exports, number of shares quoted before Istanbul Stock Exchange and number of employees. Zer is conducting purchasing operations for and on behalf of the entire Koç Group of Companies in order to generate an economy of scale. Basic objective of the company is to enhance the competitive power of Koç Group and to establish a strategic purchasing platform enabling Koç Group of Companies to focus in their respective business sectors, without reserving any time or budget for product and service sourcing. Besides and further to the cost reduction and synergy provided by central purchasing in favor of Koç Group, Zer is at the same time ensuring that a much more effective sourcing process is conducted by virtue of its extensive experience.

Zer possesses 150 clients providing services in innumerable industries under 36 diverse sectors of the industry and is working with more than 2.000 suppliers. The Company is concluding on the average 20.000 purchasing transaction per month, receiving 25.000 thousand invoices from its suppliers and issuing 30.000 invoices to its customers.

“Integrated Solution Platform for Manufacturing”

Relevant event carried out 23th of October 2014 at Workinn Hotel, TAYSAD region by our companies KORA and LUMA.
Presented JD Edwards (JDE) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and integrated solutions developed by LUMA to manufacturing companies.

“KORA Solutions; All in one with Oracle Hardware!”

Relevant event carried out 22th of October 2014 at  Wyndham Grand Levent Hotel.
Presented KORA Fusion Middleware (FMV) solutions and JD Edwards (JDE) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  solution on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA).

One of the Subsidiary of İttifak Holding, ADESE Stores gave preference to Oracle EXADATA and KORA for its Database Management.

ADESE, subsidiary of Ittifak Holding in retail sector, as one of the most important retail brands of Turkey, served to more than 30 million customers with its 3000 employees through 135 stores and 4 shopping centers located in 7 cities.

ADESE aims with its Oracle Exdata preference, to manage high data transection of retail sector influentially, consolidate all Oracle database -including BI implementation resource- from single installation and reduce all kind of maintenance and service costs.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine was designed as the highest-performance platform for Oracle Database. Oracle Exadata administers all kind of database workload such as OLTP, data warehouse and consolidation of hybrid workload influentially.

KURYENET preferred to work Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) and KORA for its all Operational Data Management

KURYENET, served with its around 3000 employees through 400 service point, decided to use Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) which consists of high accessibility system, simplifies installation, maintenance and support processes for database requirements, saves time and money, integrated hardware & software system for its operational data management.
ODA, is constituted by using Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) feature of Oracle which is the most popular database all over the world, offers a package which consists of completely integrated software, server and network connection system to our customers. ODA which has a high accessibility for Data Warehouse via OLTP, provided added value to Kuryenet with improving work performance.

YATAŞ decided on KORA for its Oracle Mobile Sales Portal Solution in order to use on Stores and Point of Sales

YATAŞ, one of the leading producers in sector, served with it’s over 1400 employees through 400 sales point. It is aimed to serve better and faster to customers of Yataş from ‘KORA Sale Portal Project’ which is going to run on tablets and mobile devices at all point of sales. In this project, the newest middleware applications (FMW) were used, in addition; KORA expertise and Yataş vision was synthesised ideally.

Akçelik prefered Oracle JD Edwards ERP solution and KORA Consultancy.

35 years experince, sector leader Akçelik will optimise and modernize their processes with Oracle JD Edwards ERP solution.

KORA in a game with Database Security Products.

We’are ready to secure your data with Oracle Database Security Solutions products and certified, specialist consultants. Let’s secure your data.

İstanbul Technical University (ITU) preferred KORA for Electronic Document Management System (EBYS) project.

İstanbul Technical University (ITU) preferred KORA for Electronic Document Management System (EBYS) project which KORA’s last solution with developed Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies.
With this project all documents will manage on digital environment and 60 different application which common processes.

A Success Model BI Project with Oracle and CEVA

CEVA logistic USA’s Turkey region CEVA Lojistik Türkiye kicked off Oracle Business Intelligence project with OBI 11g under lead, installation and training support of KORA.

Kora Obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate on 15th Anniversary

Kora, which continues to invest in intellectual capital, aims to maintain successfuly global projects with expert Oracle consultancy stuff.
Thanks for all supportive colleagues and business partners for this quality journey.

Yaşar Faktoring kicked off Business Intelligence Solutions with KORA

Sector leader Yaşar Faktoring co-operated  with KORA for building Enterprise Performance Management and Decision Support Systems.

Panel  For Turkcell

On 14 May, YASAD – KORA Business Intelligence course as our ongoing activity in CO-OP Program of Bahçeşehir University hosted a panel with the participation of Turkcell and Turkcell Technology.
The Panel was moderated by Prof. Dr. Ümit Oktay Fırat a member of Industrial Engineering Faculty of Marmara University. The participants from Turkcell Technology Mr. Fatih Lütfi Feran mentioned about BI applications and Data Warehousing processes and  also from Turkcell Ms. Nermin Yalcı mentioned about Data Mining practices used in Turkcell.  In addition, discoursers had the opportunity of sharing their real business life experiences with the audiences.

YASAD’s Business Intelligence Panel in CO-OP program was held at Bahcesehir University.

Migros Business Intelligence Panel was held at Bahçeşehir University on 4th April as an event organized by YASAD in the context of CO-OP 4408 – YASAD – KORA Business Intelligence course.  The main guest of the panel was Migros which is one of the leading companies in retail sector and utilizing Business Intelligence intensely. Data Warehousing processes and Business Intelligence practices of Migros were the main subjects of the panel.  Moreover,  how Migros benefits from BI and how BI creates value for Migros were discussed with the participation of guests from academic, business and civil society organizations.

KORA’s  12th anniversary celebrated in Hilton Hotel Istanbul

On 1st of March, 2010 KORA celebrated its  12th anniversary of foundation in Hilton Hotel Istanbul together  with its employees and valued business partners.
At her opening speech Mrs. Betul Onat, the managing director of KORA,  has expressed her proud of being one of the oldest business partners of Oracle Turkey.  It was a fact that the name KORA had become an important brand nowadays in the IT sector, she continued.
Abroad and in Turkey KORA had completed significant projects during that  period. Mrs. Onat thanked KORA team and KORA’s worthy partners for their decisive cooperation in reaching the common goals and the final success.

Kora continues to contribute “ERPin Practice” lesson in Department of Industrial Engineering at Marmara University.

“ERP in Practice” lesson was innitiated for the fall semester department of Industrial Engineering at Marmara University.
Kora Solution GmbH Executive Manager Haluk Eke spoke about his own prevous project experiences and Wittur case on December 2009. On December 17, 2009 one of the KORA’s counsultants Kazım Doruk told same about Business Intelligence concepts and Abalıoğlu case to the students.
With this mission, Kora will continue to contribute to “ERP in Praictice” lesson in upcoming weeks.

Oracle Day 2009 – “Health Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Solutions “

November 4 2009 at the Swissotel Istanbul “Oracle Day 2009” event to, KORA this year joined the stand and presenting as a sponsor.
Health Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Solutions in the title of the presentation KORA’s health sector Fusion Middleware, Enterprise 2.0, BI, Data warehouse, Data mining, Siebel CRM, EPM and using ECM products ERP systems can work with, from all over the country participating health sector were shared with the distinguished guests.

Kadıköy Şifa Hospital “Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Project”

National Quality award in Turkey KALDER common; the first and only private hospital in the Kadikoy Sifa Hospitals Business Intelligence Project chose the Kora.
“Patient Satisfaction” move from the principle that Kadıköy Şifa Health Group Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse with Kora run the project, Establishment of institutional memory and data fast and consistent reports from a single source targets.

 Abalıoğlu Business Intelligence Project over.

Abalıoğlu Group within that we conducted in Izmir Food, Soya, Feed, Lezita Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Project was completed using Oracle technologies. Kora its experience with the white meat and feed carried out in fast Orcale Database, Warehouse Builder (OWB), Business Intelligence (OBI) products were used. And Business units under the Corporate Portal common reporting requirements quickly and accurately were.

 Kora to receive award in “Plug & Work” competition

“Exciting new business concepts and promising ideas, intelligent products, interesting research projects or innovative services were looked for implementation in the Hannover region.”
This was the announcement of the business start-up and relocation competition “Plug & Work” of the business development company Hannoverimpuls. Kora is one of the selected companies which were awarded one year of rent-free office, work or laboratory space at selected industry-specific locations supporting the set up of the company in Hannover.
Combining its expertise in information technologies with its experience in business processes to develop customized solutions for enterprises and offering expert services through its Oracle certified consultants, Kora realizes successful projects both at the national and international levels.
Further information on Hannoverimpuls and the Plug & Work competition, please visit www.hannoverimpuls.deand

 Abalioglu-Lezita Business Intelligence and APEX Project started

Abalioglu-Lezita Business Intelligence and APEX Project was initiated on June 1st, 2009, in Izmir. The analyses and design of the project are carried out by Kora project manager and technical specialists in Kora Izmir office.

 Hannoverimpuls project started

Hannoverimpuls is a regional development organization. On June 16, 2009, Kora General Director Betul Onat and Project Manager Haluk Eke visited Germany to work with Hannoverimpuls.

Cooperation with Bahcesehir University

Bahcesehir University developed an educational program titled CO-OP (Cooperative Education Model), which inspired Kora to integrate education and business. Kora, within the framework of university and business cooperation, cooperates with Bahcesehir University, where the academic education is reinforced by applied training in the field of relevant business.

Data warehouse and business intelligence project at Wittur

Wittur Group extends data warehouse and business intelligence project developed in cooperation with Kora. All Turkish users are now being informed on the project through trainings given by Kora specialists to Turkish users.