Business Intelligence

Business  Intelligence  is  an integrated solution  that  creates  a common  enterprise  information  model  with  the  help  of end-user interface and outputs, open  architecture  that  can  use many data sources.


Combines Business Processes with Artificial Intelligence and make your standard operations into learning virtual robot workers (WORKERS). Human opinion, decision  system  with keyboard mouse. You  can transfer your  jobs  that  require use  to our robots. Robots mimic the movements
of  a person on interfaces. In this way,  they  can start working quickly and without integration costs.


We increase the success and interpretability of machine learning models with our own developed algorithms that simplify attribute extraction processes.
Winwai – AI API;  Deep  learning  based the products offered can be integrated into other artificial intelligence processes.
S4R; Modeling the decision-making processes of customers with the help of artificial intelligence is the  platform  that  affects  the  decision to buy in favor of your brand.

Kora Cloud

AI Integrated Business Solutions

Winwai AI Integrated Business Solutions; AI with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Management Systems (ERP) Integrated turnkey solutions.